Hello nerds and noobs alike! My name is Tyler, but I go by KamoriGoat on Twitch. And I’m The Stream Noob!

Here at The Stream Noob I have a goal to help others grow. Streaming is a lot of fun, but it’s scary to make changes when you don’t know if it will help you grow. I’m here to help see what fails so you can know what not to do!

The first time I ever tried streaming was some date in early 2015. Remembering back, I was afraid to talk in front of a camera and didn’t know how to get viewers on my stream. In fact, I didn’t even tell my family because I was ashamed.

I had a few successes here and there, but ultimately I quit streaming SEVERAL times between then and now.

Each time I streamed, I learned something about myself and how the platform works. And lately streaming has been more enjoyable than ever, once I realized what about streaming made it fun for me.

In the past I only cared about getting famous. This isn’t a fulfilling way to look at streaming though. Instead, I enjoyed learning about the technology, improving my setup, and talking about streaming with others. Now days, I find myself tinkering with my stream to see what lessons I can learn so I can teach others.

So if you like hearing the stories about how I failed, stick around and I’ll share my experiences! I’ll also be posting corresponding YouTube content on my channel to document all the fine Twitch Growth details!


Tyler “KamoriGoat” Coil
-The Stream Noob