I’m Trying Out Trovo!

Noobs, I’m going to be the next noob on Trovo! Now, if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably never heard of Trovo. And if you have, it was only recently. But, I’ve done some research on their platform and I want to share my findings with you.

This might be a long one, so let’s whip out our handy dandy TABLE OF CONTENTS!

Trovo Live Streaming Platform

What is Trovo

Trovo is a relatively new streaming platform in the game live streaming space. It originally started out as Madcat.tv. However, it rebranded as Trovo on May 28, 2020 when Tencent bought them. You may know Tencent as the owners of Riot Games as well as having a stake in Epic Games Fortnite, and Bluehole’s PUBG.

Trovo, at its core though, is another live streaming platform for gamers. At this time, it very much like Twitch, with minor differences. But, just because they’re like Twitch now, doesn’t mean they won’t be different later. On top of that, they’re growing with a small saturation at the moment. So if you’re wanting to get in on the ground floor of a new platform, now just may be your change.

Trovo Front Page

How is Trovo like Twitch

Starting with the front page, you’re greeted with a similar experience as the Twitch front page. Trovo’s highlighted streamers on top in a carousel view. The recommended live channels below that. Then more details about your following channels, with a familiar sidebar to the left.

When you view a streamer, for example, NickIsNow we’re greeted again with a familiar view. Your stream (currently offline) is in the middle of the screen. And an emoji-filled chat on the right. And below it all, follow and subscribe details.

Overall, it feels very Twitch like. A different color scheme for sure. But, a familiar view which I expect they did to make the transition easier for others.

Trovo Offline Viewer Screen

Even Channel Points and Bits are duplicated in Mana and Elixer respectively on the platform. (See Cast Spell in the image above) Plus chat icons for subs, mods, and the streamers themselves.

How is Trovo Different than Twitch

Really, just reiterating from above. It’s mostly the same. The only 2 things I’ve noticed be different so far are missing features and a stronger sense of community. Trovo overall feels VERY community-centered. From the people I’ve interacted with on Twitter, to their public Discord, everyone has been friendly and wanting to see each other grow. While this could just be because there isn’t the same mass of people like Twitch has and could change with time. For now, this is a very family and community-based environment.

But, the only other thing I can notice so far is their missing features. Otherwise, they’re basically the same with a different name, and with different terminology. Here is some info on Mana and Elixer: https://trovo.live/support?topicid=0852A4181B17AF6F%2F8F61C86D1EA7869B

What Features are Missing

This list is pretty large… currently. I’m going to make this section easy to consume. For both you, and my inability to write long pages.

  • Under stream Panels
  • On stream Notifications (streamlabs/streamelements)
  • A chat bot
  • Gifted Subs
  • Sub Tiers
  • Clips
  • VODs
  • Raiding
  • VIPs
  • Custom Emotes

Really this list is still pretty large. Too large for me to lay out completely. But, if you check out the next section, you can see what they’re working on.

What Features are They Working On

Here are some external references.

From the Trovo Team:

Trovo has a vision to embrace the gamers’ community and empower all streamers with great talents and potential. We value every opinion from streamers and viewers on the product features, and want to make sure we build up Trovo as a platform that all of you would enjoy and have fun with.

As a result we have been actively collecting our users’ opinion about what feature to add to Trovo next. If you have comments and suggestions about features to develop, please don’t hesitate to leave your feedback here!

Let’s together make Trovo a great platform and community for streamers and game lovers!

Upcoming Features and Additions

Features and Additions soon to be released, or with an announcement date to soon be announced.

  • Lurking Mode: Stay invisible when entering a stream – no entry notification in chat.(July)
  • VODs: View past streams and make comments (July)
  • User Mentions: Ability to @/copy/pin message in chat (July)
  • Streamer Authentication and Payout System (July)
  • Monetization Analytics (July)
  • Play in Background (July)
  • Sub and Spells on iOS (July)

Pending Features and Additions

Features and Additions still in development.

  • Trovo’s own mobile streaming tool: Stream directly from mobile
  • Hosting: Host another stream when you are offline
  • Clips: Capture your favorite stream moments
  • Gift Sub
  • Streamer Partner Program
  • More MOD Permissions
  • Follower/Subscriber Only Chat Mode
  • Custom Stream Alerts: Customized alerts for followers/subs/spells
  • Custom Subscriber Emotes: Customized Emotes for subscribers
  • Custom Commands or Chat Bot
  • Raiding: send viewers to another live channel at the end of the stream
  • DM System
  • More Ways of Mana Interaction
  • VIP Badge
  • Pick a winner in chat: Giveaway events
  • OBS Login

Features Done That Got Frequently Asked:

  • Download VODs: Download your past streams in Creator Studio Stream Analytics
  • Clear Chat: Type command /clear in chatbox to clear previous chats.
  • Fundamental Mod Commands: mod/unmod; ban/unban
  • Live Notification Push: Send out manually in Creator Studio
  • Way to Enable Sub and Spell Feature:

Feel free to submit this form once if you have 20+ followers and want the subscription feature enabled for your channel:


The requests will be processed every week on Sunday night. You can expect to see the feature enabled for your channel within 7 days.


And there is a feature request form here as well.


Trovo Monetization Program

The monetization program here is some of the most exciting stuff. Especially for small and medium creators who are just getting started.

You can start getting subscriptions and Elixer once you hit the “affiliate” program with Trovo. Once you hit 20+ followers you can request the sub button at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScSXnDoWb1H75Bf1wjYUyfw8Y3akXwatpZBfwOQ_l3OiwjHDA/viewform (There may be a link in your panel as well)

On top of this, Trovo is running a program called the Trovo 500 to encourage Content Creators to make content on Trovo. You can find details here. https://cdn.trovo.live/page/events.html?eventid=5ef172501014a876bc56cce0

But, this screenshot will give you the shorthand info.

Trovo 500 payout

Trovo Developer Environment

Now if you like programming, like me. Trovo has a developer platform as well. While they’re still building it out and defining their APIs, here is the information I could find.

Getting Started on Trovo

Getting started on Trovo really isn’t complicated. I’ll later create an article on how to setup your Trovo account with OBS if you’re a first time streamer. But, if you’ve done this before you really only need to do a couple things.

  1. Create a Trovo account
  2. Go to https://studio.trovo.live/mychannel/stream and get your Stream URL and Stream Key
  3. In OBS go to settings
  4. Click Stream on the Left
  5. In the drop down choose “Custom…”
  6. Paste the Stream URL into Server
  7. And the Stream Key into Stream Key
  8. Now just press save and Start Streaming! Easy peasy!

How Large is the Community on Trovo

This is a hard question to ask. Right now, there really aren’t a ton of metric available, but if you find any please share them with me as I’m interested in this as well. But, the most viewers I ever saw in a single game was ~950. And that was just for a single game.

At the lowest point that I’ve seen (this morning) it had no more than 230 viewers in a single game. So there is a lot of variability, but Trovo is still a new platform. There is a lot of potential here, and being owned by Tencent, this is no where near the end of their limits.

So, should I Switch?

This is a tough question. In my opinion, if you’re a small or just starting streamer, its probably a good idea. Even when Mixer started, a lot of people grew because there wasn’t a lot of competition until is saturated.

Now that I’ve compared it to Mixer, you may remember that Mixer shut down. Now, I don’t think this is a negative for Trovo. I think Tencent can use the steam from people getting kicked off Mixer to only further their growth. But, I also think they’ll take the lessons of Mixer not really trying to grow and avoid making the same mistakes.

On top of that, they seem VERY interested in building a platform FOR their community. Many of their currently worked on features were all recommended by the community and they’re working on them fast.

If you want a quick path to growth, or you’ve already turned Twitch into a solid career, Trovo probably isn’t the play. But, if you are willing to take the slow road and really grind out and help the platform grow. I think Trovo will reward you for your efforts far above what is reasonable with Twitch.

Having a convo with Nick Is Now, he is working on making the full time switch. Being a Twitch Streamer for approx. 18 months, he streamed on Trovo for 2 days and has already received over 150 followers. And in fact, he got featured in a Bloomberg article citing the potential for growth on the platform.

On top of his follower growth, he mentioned to me in his 3 hour of streaming he received over 800 chat messages in his channel. Which is an awesome feat coming from Twitch where so many of those viewers are lurkers and make no effort to chat with the streamer.

All the Useful Links You May Need


So those are the details I was able to grab in my research for Trovo. I’m going to make the switch for a few days, and I know a few others of my community are too! How about you? If you’re not going to switch why not?