Keeping Your Chat Non-Toxic

I’m tired of these mother f*cking toxic noobs on this mother f*cking chat! Lets talk about how to fix that.

I'm tired of these mother fucking toxic noobs

Is My Chat Toxic?

One fo the first and most important questions you have to answer is: Is my chat toxic?

There are a lot of personalities on Twitch, Trovo, and YouTube. And how they want their chats to behave all differ. Some want positive “vibes” only, others like sass-hole trolling, and others really just want to talk about nothing but their game.

So let’s first define what you want your ideal chat to look like. Here are some questions you can answer to try and figure that out.

  • Am I okay with back seat gaming?
  • Do I like being teased?
  • Am I okay with others in my chat being teased?
  • Are Gossip and Trolling okay?
  • Is conversation unrelated to your game okay?
  • Is political conversation okay?
  • Are conversations about suicide and depression okay?

Now there is way more to consider to identify what your ideal chat looks like. But these should be some basic questions that regardless of your niche should help you out. If you have more you think others should consider, please drop them in the comments below!

What do I do with My Toxic Chatters

So here is the big question. You have someone who doesn’t embody your ideal chat, what do you do with them?

First, tell them. While you don’t have to talk first, it is a good idea to let your users know why they’re not embodying your chat. It is a possible they just didn’t know your rules. Though you should have them posted in your channel panels, description, or bio.

Next, if they are still acting toxic, timing out and banning are your friends. You should never feel bad about banning people who don’t embody your ideal chat. If you find a chatter toxic, its likely others in your community do too. And nothing is worse than you losing members of your community because you are afraid to ban 1 toxic user.

If things are really bad such as sexual harassment or racism, make sure you report them to the corresponding platform’s system.

What if They Financially Support Me

This is a tough scenario. If they’re a really bad actor, I say just ban them. Who cares if they’ve given you money in the past, you deserve better than to be shit on by someone just because they pay money.

Now, let’s say they just tease a lot and you don’t like it. If it’s not super harmful, you obviously could just put up with it. But, if you and others don’t like it, I’m in favor of the 3 strike rule. 1st strike you talk to them. 2nd time you time them out and tell them if they do it again you’ll ban them.

Let’s face it, we’re all in this to try and make some money, so losing a financial supporter is rough. Really you need to do what is best for your community and your growth. If your community is at risk of not growing because of someones toxicity, you’re better off losing that financial gain now so you can possibly gain further financial opportunity in the future.

I Have too Many Toxic People

The answer here is you need mods. You can either look for volunteers or hire mods, but you need to get people who can enforce your rules. You can search for some who are already your friends, people on twitter, or members of your community. There are also some postings on fiverr of people who are trying to be “community managers.”

Now if you gets mods, you need to have a higher level of scrutiny over your mods than anyone else. They’re not only protecting your community, they’re also embodying what you want your community to b e about. So if you have a bad mod, demod them sooner than later.

I may write an article on how to pick good mods in the future, so if you want to see that, feel free to comment.

I hope this helps, and hope you all can have fun a good time streaming! If you have any questions about your chat, please do not hesitate to reach out or message me on Twitter.