Moving from Mixer to Twitch

Noobs and Noobettes! Crazy news happened today. Mixer is shutting down! This is a big win for Twitch, but a big blow for content creators who primarily use Mixer. Streamers on Mixer, you have until July 22 to find a new platform. So go over moving from Mixer to Twitch.

Press F to Pay Respects

What Options are Available Besides Twitch

First, Twitch isn’t your only option. If you check the Mixer F.A.Q., any Mixer Partners will get partner status with Facebook Gaming. Along with partners, most Mixer creators who take part in their Monetization program will get monetization access on Facebook Gaming.

Now if you’re like me, and aren’t interested in Facebook Gaming, and say you don’t like Twitch either. YouTube Gaming is also an option for you. While I can’t speak to growth for live-streaming your games on YouTube. YouTube has a very mature discovery platform with its own options for monetization.

Making Your Move Away from Mixer

Regardless of your choice, there are a few steps you’ll have to take to complete your process. Primarily, you’ll want to make sure your Audience knows where to expect you. It is very possible you won’t maintain the same size of an audience when you move. But, if they don’t know where to find you, or aren’t following, they may never see you again.

My recommendation is to use your social media and regularly update your audience. You have from now to July 22, so use this time to your advantage. If me, a noob, were in the position here is the approach I would take.

First, I would post on My Twitter letting my audience know I’ve seen the news and I’ll be having a special stream on a specific date. Ideally, that stream would be on the day I’m likely going to get the majority of my audience. In that stream, I would have a discussion with my viewers and would layout with my audience what my plans are and how I’ll execute them. It is possible your viewers may have facts you haven’t considered.

So what plans should have ready? Here’s a simple list to get rid of this wall of text… I’m also tired of writing 😛

  • What day will my official first stream be on my new platform
  • A link to where my stream will be located
  • If any rebranding / redesigning will occur with this change
  • Schedule changes

Your community may require more details beyond this, but this is a rough start. My last recommendation here would be to stay regular with you Social Media. The more you reinforce to your viewership that things are changing, the more prepared they’ll be to support you in your destination.

Setting Up Your Twitch

twitch logo

*Disclaimer: sorry Facebook / YouTube streamers. I can’t help you from this point on. Right now I’m focused on Twitch. But, leave a comment if you want to see Facebook / YouTube related material. I’m happy to expand my research if the information is helpful.

Sign-up for a Twitch Account

This is the easiest part. To be honest, I’d expect most of my readers already have a Twitch. But, you’ll need to create a new account. Unless you are doing some rebranding, you’ll likely just use the same username you currently do on Mixer.

Just insert your username, set a password, and add your email and you’re good to go! You’ll need to verify your email though. But, so long as your username isn’t taken, you’re set.

If your username is taken, here is some information from Twitch themselves.

Set-up Your Channel View

Okay okay okay. Advice from a noob first. Take it slow, you’re not going to get this all setup in a day. Here is the order I would approach things, and I’ll provide details on what you can change in each link.

    • Allowing VODs
    • Are you a mature streamer (18+)
    • Allowing clips
    • Profile Picture
    • Profile Banner
    • Display Name (different from username)
    • Bio
    • Offline Video Image
    • Channel Trailer (For minimal Twitch discoverability)
    • Social Media Links
    • Stream Schedule
    • Auto-Host & Raid Settings
    • Also this is where you’ll see your Follow List since the new UI change.
    • Moderation rules on links
    • Blacklisted words
    • Blacklisted hyperlinks
    • Chat Rules
    1. If you click Chat-> – You’ll gain access to edit your panels

Now so far I’ve not seen any news from Twitch on them helping Mixer creators transition to Twitch. So at this time, the automated affiliate system on Twitch will have to do. Here are the requirements to hit affiliate on Twitch and start monetizing.

  • Reach 50 Followers
  • Stream 12 Unique Days
  • Have an average of 3 viewers over last 30 days
  • 500 Minutes streamed over last 30 days

Once you hit these requirements, you’ll receive an email invite. Then you’ll have to fill out Tax paperwork with Amazon. Once that is done, you’ll get access to the following.

Note: If you want a quick reference on customizables available to Twitch, here is a doc.

Configure Your Streaming Software (OBS)

*Disclaimer: To keep this article short, this guide will be for OBS Studio. There are many more options available: Twitch Studio, XSplit, SLOBS

Here is another easy part if you’re using OBS. More than likely, you’re using a service like streamlabs or StreamElements. If so, you’ll need to resync your account with your new Twitch/other accounts. This should be pretty simple in their control panels. But, then once that is done OBS is almost done.

Going back to your channel settings at you’ll see the following to get your API key.

You can click copy, then in OBS, you can go to your settings. Click on Stream on the left-hand side. Then in the Service drop-down, choose Twitch. Now just paste your Stream key in and save, and your OBS should be good to go!

Press Start Streaming and you should be live at$yourusername

*Note: I recommend testing your setup before you tell your viewers your new channel location, or set up a fake account to test your settings ahead of time.

Good Luck Content Creators

This is going to be a rough journey, but I’m excited to see Mixer content creators come over to Twitch. Together we can all work to make awesome content for people to watch! I’m going to be posting more guides and others for noobs like me, so subscribe to hear the latest from me!

If you’re new to streaming check out some details on how to not get started.