Should I Stick with Trovo or Switch Back to Twitch?

I’m a noob. You’re a Noob. He and She are both noobs! Okay noobs, I want to write about Trovo again. You might remember I was planning to Try Trovo for a bit. During that time I did a lot of thinking and checking myself and my streaming needs. And I’ve arrived at the question: should I stick with Trovo or switch back to Twitch?

Trovo or Twitch
Trovo or Twitch

What I Enjoy About Trovo

As we get into this, I want to break out and say what I enjoyed about Trovo. Really Trovo had an excellent community. As the community is currently small, there isn’t the same level of toxicity that comes with huge communities. This could change over time, and probably will. But for now, everyone I met on Trovo both as a broadcaster or a viewer was polite, kind, and encouraging. Even their Discord offered a strong encouraging community.

Beyond the community, I also liked they were making efforts to mimic Twitch. While a direct copy won’t make people switch to Trovo instead of Twitch. It does at least make the transition from one service to the other very smooth and easy. But, I heard rumblings in Discord that makes me believe there will be some differentiating features in the future. Whether that means they’ll skyrocket in viewership, I don’t know.

Where Trovo Was not Ready for Me

Sounds like Trovo was great, so where was it letting me down? Really, it has in a lot of ways. But, I don’t think they’re preventing someone from growing, they’re just putting me in a position where I’d prefer not to be in the stage of growth that I’m at.


In terms of features, Trovo just didn’t offer what I want. I have my Twitch setup where I can get notifications from Streamlabs when I get follows and subs. Currently Trovo doesn’t have this integration. My channel points encourage more chat involvement, and I have chat bots to lets my viewers know about upcoming events. Along with this, I didn’t realize how awesome stream panels were until switching to Trovo I couldn’t direct link people to other locations like my YouTube or my Blog.


Overall, the community was great. But, as I stream programming and FF14, the viewership wasn’t really there for me on those genres. I think with enough time and energy, this wouldn’t set me back even a bit. But, I stream with a few other figures that I keep in contact with. Those streamers being Krazybean1, StaticBD, and Sylphid8. By being on Trovo, this meant no more raids or using emotes for my favorite streamers. And really this was a bummer because it meant I was not near my friends in the same way.

So Should I Stick with Trovo or Switch Back to Twitch?

In short, my plan is to switch back to Twitch. Now, you may think I made a mistake trying Trovo, but really I don’t think so. Part of what makes people grow as individuals and entrepreneurs are to try new things. And while I wasn’t a hit success on Trovo, I also didn’t expect to be.

For anyone else considering the move to Trovo or trying to decide if they want to stick around, there are a few questions to consider. Does Trovo have the features I need to support my community? Does Trovo have the right audience for my content? And lastly, can I grow on Trovo?

Also remember, your growth isn’t just determined by you pressing “Start Streaming” in OBS. You really have to create content and use other social medias to funnel your users to your Trovo / Twitch channel. So, let me know what you think, is Trovo still the platform for you?